Howff Club Projects

The Howff Club frequently embark on projects to further the knowledge on appreciation of the life and works of Robert Burns, Auld Scots Language, and the Scottish ethos.

Past projects have included the Jean Armour statue opposite St Michaels Church, the production and publication of a book of poem in Auld Scots and Standard Habbie written by school children of Dumfries and Galloway - A Wee Kist O’ Verse.


Currently the Howff Club is renovating their club rooms in The Globe Inn and to mark the 400th anniversary of The Globe Inn. 200 year old reclaimed timber flooring has been obtained the existing floor which was in a poor condition has been lifted and the replacement flooring expertly laid by joiners Bruce McGarva.  The steps into the club room have been redesigned to make them safer, lighting has been change and improved.   New library display cases have been constructed and now house more of the clubs wide selection of book on Robert Burns and his contemporaries.  Work is still progressing with these renovations and fund raising is still going on to help meet the costs.  We are indebted to Ian Scott who was able to source, supply and deliver the reclaimed timber which we understand was from the floor of a hospital near Aberdeen.


To mark the centenary of the death of the Bard a procession was held in Dumfries similar to funeral procession, at the front of the the Howff Club member of the era held colourfully embroidered Banner which the club recently unearthed.  This Banner is an artefact of some importance which is unfortunately in a relatively poor state of repair and as such is not stable enough to be displayed to the public, Ideally we would like to have the banner stabilised and repaired as necessary and displayed in the museum, Burns House or at the University campus where it can be appreciated.


Honorary club member and past president Peter Kormylo in association with Hanna Dyka have produced a book of translation of popular works of Robert Burns in Ukrainian this book is unique in that it features the original version on the left hand page and the Ukrainian on the right the club and individual member helped raise money to have the book printed