2011-12 Reports – Frank Manson President


Seasons Events

AGM Meeting in the Howff

The club AGM took place in the Howff club rooms on the 28th April 2011 when Frank Manson was installed as President for the coming year, Ian McIntrye elected Senior vice president and Godfrey Bedford was elected as Junior vice president.
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2011/2012    Previous Years

08/05/2011 Sunday Coldstream Bridge Coldstream
19/05/2011 Thursday Bowling Night – Drafen Cup Dock Park
28/05/2011 Saturday Holy Fair Mauchline
04/06/2011 Saturday John Lapraik Competition Muirkirk
04/07/2011 Monday Jean Armour Diner The Globe Inn
10/07/2011 Sunday Wauchope Cairn Hawick
14/07/2011 Thursday Treasure Hunt start in The Globe Inn
17/07/2011 Sunday Leglen Wood Ayr
20/07/2011 Wednesday Brow Well Ceremony Nr Annan
23/07/2011 Saturday Edinburgh Commemorative Event Edinburgh
24/07/2011 Sunday Kilmarnock Cross Kilmarnock
30/07/2011 Saturday Doon the Water Glasgow
09/09/2011 Fri-Sunday RBWF Conference Peebles
17/09/2011 Saturday SSCBA Quarterly meeting The Globe Inn
18/09/2011 Sunday Dumbarton Bowling Match Dumfries Bowl. Club.
31/10/2011 Monday Hallowe’en Supper The Globe Inn
25/11/2011 Friday Dumbarton BC St Andrews Dinner Dumbarton
30/11/2011 Wednesday St Andrew’s Night Dinner The Globe Inn
03/12/2011 Saturday SSCBA Quarterly Meeting The Globe Inn
04/12/2011 Sunday St Andrew’s Service – St Giles Edinburgh
19/12/2011 Monday Christmas Dinner The Globe Inn
14/01/2012 Saturday Burns Seminar -Glasgow University Glasgow
25/01/2012 Wednesday 123rd Anniversary Dinner The Globe Inn
27/01/2012 Friday Dumbarton BC Anniversary Dinner Dumbarton
29/01/2012 Sunday Charnwood Lodge Burns Supper Dumfries
04/02/2012 Saturday SSCBA Schools Competition Dfs Academy
29/02/2012 Wednesday Leap year Dinner (past presidents) The Globe Inn
20/03/2012 Tuesday Fish Supper Night The Globe Inn
23/03/2012 Friday Games Night – Marchmount bowling Club Dumfries
10/05/2012 Thursday Annual General Meeting The Globe Inn

Executive Committee Meeting Dates

16/05/2011 Inaugural meeting & soiree
06/06/2011 General
27/06/2011 Jean Armour Dinner tickets
29/08/2011 Seasons Programme
03/10/2011 Hallowe’en Supper Tickets
24/10/2011 Confirmation & payment + St Andrew’s Dinner tickets
14/11/2011 Confirmation & Payment – St Andrews
05/12/2011 Anniversary Dinner tickets
09/01/2012 Confirmation & Payment
06/02/2012 Leap Year Dinner Tickets & Payment
05/03/2012 General
02/04/2012 Pre Annual General Meeting

Winter Talks & discussion Programme 2010/2011
These night are open to anyone who is interested and are usually quite informal

29/09/2011 Helen Morrison “Burns & Freemasonry”
27/10/2011 Bob Dalziel History of the Glasgow Tobacco Barons
24/11/2011 Authorities on Burns Question time – possibly controversial
23/02/2012 Jim Thomson Story of Tam O’ Shanter
29/03/2012 Josie Neil Scots Language
19/04/2012 Visit “The Devils Porridge” Exhibition *





*  Subject to confirmation.
All talks take place in the clubroom at 7.30pm. Friends of members are welcome.


2011/2012 Activities

2003/05/2012 – Howff Boolin ( Draffen Cup)

Dumfries Bowling Club was the venue for the annual attempt to play bowls, 20 members


and friends were welcomed by President Frank Manson and marshalled into teams of two by Bob Wilson and play commenced with a will. The weather was ideal and midges and fertiliser was mercifully absent.
After a hotly contested series of games of great skill, Kenny Crookshanks and William Johnston displayed their prowess and were declared winners and later at the Globe Inn, were presented by the President with the coveted Draffan Cup. Runners up were the plucky Kenny McKinnon and John Clark.
Thanks are due to Kenny Crookshanks for arranging the venue and to Dumfries Bowling Club for the use of their greens and facilities. Thanks also to Jane Brown and the Globe Inn for the succulent sandwiches.

19/04/2012 – Winter Club Night – Devils Porridge


The last club night of the season on 19th April was an evening visit to the Devil’s Porridge exhibition at Eastriggs.
President Frank Manson and ten members travelled in luxury minibus to the site which had opened specially in the evening for the club. Welcomed on arrival by the curator, the party was shown a short DVD which explained the history of the World War 1 munitions factory where explosive paste (the Devil’s porridge, coined by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) was made before being fashioned into ammunition for British troops and helped to turn the course of history. Members spent a fascinating 90 minutes touring the well laid out exhibits which covered both the first and second world wars.
The plant was set up in 1915 and at its peak, 30,000 women and men came from all over the world to work in the massive war factory on the Solway.
Frank thanked the guides and members repaired to the Bluebell Inn at Annan for modest refreshment before favouring the Lucky Date Restaurant for supper.

20/03/2012 – Monthly Winter Club Night

Members and friend welcomed Josie Neill to the club and enjoyed a talk on the scots language as well as some reminiscence of yester year.


29/03/12 – Fish Supper Night

Sixty members and friends met in the Globe Inn on 20th March and were welcomed by President Frank Manson. Succulent hot fish suppers were delivered from the chippy at the Midsteeple by a well oiled team of runners. Bobby Jess recited the famous “Address to the Fish Supper” and the suppers were consumed with obvious enjoyment by all present.
fishsupper12Entertainment, planned and impromptu, was provided by a wide range of members and guests and featured “Tam the Bike” recited with gusto by Bobby Jess. Carlo Rinaldi dssmade his Howff Club debut with an ode to “La Patata” and Bert Hastings’ “Candle” proved as rib tickling as ever.  “The Twa Dugs” was enacted in great style by David Miller and Gordon Johnston with the narration from Ian McIntyre. Jane Brown and some friends delighted the company with their wit. Avril Kerr, John Lauder and Les Byers kept the pace cracking and Frank Curran raised the roof with favourites old and new. Music was provided by Lee McQueen and a comprehensive vote of thanks at the end of a most enjoyable night was proposed by JVP Godfrey Bedford.



Over the years, the club has taken part in the annual charity pub quiz run by Dumfries & District Round Table and usually manages to finish near the top of the Leader Board.
This year, the club team, “The Burns Unit” achieved a cumulative score of 272 from a possible 400 over four successive Friday evenings in February at the Edenbank Hotel and were runners up to the winners, “Tom’s Troopers” believed to be from the Council. At the end of final session on 24th February, SVP Ian McIntyre accepted the Runners–up trophy, the “Simon Copland Memorial Cup”, and thanked the Round Table officials.


The proceeds this year were split between two good causes, South West Scotland RNR, a scheme to provide servicemen injured in Iraq and Afghanistan with rest and recreational facilities in the region and the Teenage Cancer Trust.
“The Burns Unit” in 2012 proved to be a particularly cerebral team and President Frank Manson congratulated the members at the committee meeting on 5th March, stating that he expects an outright win next year.
Picture shows the full squad broken into teams of four for the Friday night sessions. Absent, John Clark and David MacKie.


29/02/2012 – Past President Leap Year Dinner


Past Presidents and Honorary members gathered to mark the Leap Year on 29thFebruary with a dinner in the Globe Inn.
34 diners including honorary lady members Jane Brown and Maureen McKerrow, were welcomed by President Frank Manson and sat down to an excellent and succulent meal prepared by Chef Moira. The lounge bar had been transformed with style into a period dining room with a table set up down the centre with elaborate candlesticks as decorations. A top table was tastefully positioned outside the toilets for convenience. Grace before and after dinner was intoned by Honorary President Dan Cook and following the Loyal Toast, Gavin Findlay, president of Dumbarton Burns Club, proposed a toast to “The Burns Howff Club”. Gavin had clearly done his homework as his witty and polished address in which he poked fun at a number in the company, was educational as well as entertaining as a few of his references were delivered in Norman French. Gavin who has been a regular delegate from Dumbarton in recent years spoke warmly of the links between the two clubs. Past President Jim Scott replied mentioning some of the members of Dumbarton Burns Club who had attended functions in the Globe in the past and in some cases, their misadventures, before a Vote of Thanks from JVP Godfrey Bedford brought a relaxed and informal evening to an end.
Contributing to the entertainment were Ian McIntyre whose acclaimed rendition of “Ye Canny push yer Granny aff a bus” was received with rapture. Jim McAlister’s “D Day Dodgers” brought back memories from yesteryear and Gordon Johnston, Les Byers and Dan Cook’s recitations were much enjoyed. Special guest appearance of Gordon and Maureen McKerrow whose duet,“Ye Jacobites by name” was joined in with enthusiasm by the company.

23/02/2012 – February Club Night – Jim Thomson – In and Out of Tam O’ Shanterjthomson
Jim Thomson, well known Ayrshire Burnsian, was guest at the February Club Night in the Globe Inn and was welcomed by President Frank Manson. A good turnout of members and friends heard Mr. Thomson deliver a gory account of the story behind Burns’ famous narrative poem, “Tam O’ Shanter “, written on the banks of the Nith at Ellisland in 1791.
The speaker drew on the rich heritage of witchcraft and superstition, prevalent in Scotland at that time and took the company through the supernatural symbolism throughout the poem. To the surprise of many, Mr. Thomson stated that many of the characters were drawn from real life from people known to Burns in and around Kirkoswald in south Ayrshire, “Tam” being Robert Graham, a farmer from near Kirkoswald and “Souter Johnny, John Davidson of Glenfoot, whom the poet knew well. Both are buried in Kirkoswald Kirkyard and their graves are marked by commemorative plaques. “Nanny” was modelled on Kate Stevenson, a village girl of ill repute. The reference in the poem to “The Haly Table” was in fact a euphemism for the Devil’s own and the items mentioned were used in black magic rituals.
Following some questions and answers from his enthusiastic audience, Mr. Thomson was thanked by Ted Murray for a particularly vivid and interesting talk on a subject which had many surprises.

29/01/2012 – Charnwood Lodge Burns Supper
The annual Burns Supper provided by the club for the residents of Charnwood Lodge was held on Sunday 29th January when the concert party were welcomed by Duty Manager Gillian Hamilton.
The residents clapped the party into position led by piper Callum Watson when President Frank Manson introduced the top table and intoned the Selkirk Grace.Charnwood12
Supper consisted of Ellisland Scotch Broth and Nithsdale Haggis which was addressed with aplomb by the president, followed by Jean Armour’s Meringue Nest and Exciseman’s coffee.
The proceedings opened with the Loyal Toast and the National Anthem which the accompanist was not sure off but Bill Welsh set feet tapping with a couple of songs followed by Danny Cook’s “Big Kilmarnock Bunnet” and Ian McIntyre’s popular ditties to his guitar accompaniment.  Lee McQueen’s accordion medley was much enjoyed before a thoughtful toast to “The Immortal Memory” from the President and a lament on the pipes from Callum. More songs from Bill Welsh before Godfrey Bedford’s witty toast to “The Lasses, O”. Gordon Johnston delighted the company with a recitation of “John Anderson, my Jo” before more lively music from Lee.  Bill, Danny and Ian led the company in a rousing version of “The Star” then resident and club past president Jim Irving, moved a vote of thanks on behalf of all before “Auld Lang Syne” brought a very successful evening to an end.

27/01/2012 – New Honorary Member

Matt’s award at last

Although the Executive Committee conferred honorary membership on Matt Sempie last November, it was not until 27th January before his certificate was handed over.
A party of members en route to Dumbarton to attend the Dumbarton Burns Club’s Burns Supper, detoured to Matt’s workshop at Hamilton when President Frank Manson had pleasure in presenting Mr. Sempie with his parchment.
Matt who created the facsimile window panes etched by Burns and placed in the Globe Inn last year, expressed his thanks and presented Frank with two magnificent pieces of glass with Burns’ quotations destined for the Globe.


Picture shows, left to right: Frank Manson; Neil Johnston; Matt Sempie; Gordon Johnston.

25/01/2012- Anniversary Dinner


The Globe Inn just off the High Street in Dumfries was the venue for the Howff Club’s 123rd anniversary dinner on January 25. There is not one place in the world that surpasses the Globe’s unique ambience for this most special occasion and for Howffers there was nowhere they would rather be than in the very place where Robert Burns met with his cronies.
It was an evening of song, music, toasts and tales, which Howffers acknowledged with sincere appreciation, they were after all being entertained by some of the finest exponents of Burns’ work in the world.maus12
President and chairman, Frank Manson was able to draw upon the rich vein of talent from within the club and the evening was opened in song with Howffers led by Frank Curran in “There was a Lad”.
A splendid meal of broth, haggis and steak pie followed after which the main programme of events commenced.
Speaking of the growing interest in Burns, immediate past president of the Burns Federation, David Baird proudly gave details of the 160,000 certificates they been presented to schoolchildren throughout Scotland for their work in Burns’ classes and he could imagine that “ripples from this would spread far and wide”.haggis12
David Smith, secretary and a driving force of the Howff endorsed Burns’ popularity and the global interest in him when he read some of the greetings from 120 kindred clubs across the world.
One prize of the evening was when honorary member, Ian Kirkpatrick maker of the club’s millennium fiddle, partnered gifted accordionist James Coutts with a selection of Burns’ songs. Their play was harmonious and easy on the ear and their audience, spellbound by its beauty, cherished every moment.
The main speaker for the evening was Glasgow lawyer and Burns enthusiast, Len Murray. He delivered a poignant and thought-provoking immortal memory revealing how the writings of Burns had been significant to the leaders of nations throughout the world.
In the inspiring words of his native tongue, Burns wrote songs and poems that could not and have not been equalled by anyone. He lived and worked during the time of the great Scottish Enlightenment when Scotland produced more men of letters, more men of learning and more men of science than did any other nation on earth. Yet, despite all these great men it was Robert Burns that rose abune them a’ with his star shining even more brightly than any other in Scottish life and Scottish history.FrankHaggis
Murray described how the pen of Robert Burns became the voice of the people and how he expressed the thoughts and hopes of the people. And as he described Burns’ funeral and how the poet was laid to rest, the lights of the Globe dimmed and club piper Callum Watson played a lament. It took a few minutes for the last notes to evaporate into the ether of a dreich Dumfries night but it did not dilute the glowing warmth within the Globe where surely the spirit of Burns resides.
One moving moment was when William Williamson paid tribute to honorary Howff member, Davie Shankland who died recently. He sang “Durisdeer”, a short poem written by Lady John Scott that captures the sense of loss when a loved one passes away.
The evening was lightened by Cameron Goodall, a member of the Edinburgh Burns Club and currently the Robert Burns World Federation’s website manager in his witty and amusing toast to the lassies.
Songs from Howffers John Caskie and Les Byers and recitations from David Thomson, Gordon Johnston and James Haining punctuated the evening. The artistes were shown appreciation by junior vice-president Godfrey Bedford and Neil Johnston thanked the chairman for his skilful managing of the evening.

19/12/2011 – Christmas Dinner
President Frank hosted the annual Christmas Dinner on 19th December when 17 members, suitably attired, sat down to a superb meal in the clubroom.


After dinner entertainment was supplied by talented members including Ian McIntyre’s rendition of “Sam the Skull” (which needs work), accompanied by himself on the guitar and songs from Frank Curran, Bill Welsh, with recitations from others. Earlier, Bill led the company in some uplifting seasonal carols which set the tone for the evening.
Thanks are due to the president for providing an excellent bottle of malt and some wine and to the treasurer and secretary for donating the port. Thanks also due to Moira, the cook for her gastronomic delights.
Secret Santa, thought to be Jane Brown, appeared following a fanfare and called members to her bosom to receive festive gifts of great value.


30/11/2011 – St Andrews Dinner

The Rt. Hon. George Reid, former Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, proposed the toast to “Auld Scotia” at the Burns Howff Club’s St. Andrew’s Night Dinner in the Globe Inn on 30th November. In a powerful address to a packed company, the speaker stated that many of our enduring Scottish values are incorporated in the writings of Robert Burns, none more so than in 1999 when we regained our Parliament, we sang that great universal anthem to mankind, “A man’s a Man”. standrews1 These same sentiments are found in the words of the Slovenian national anthem and were the last words of the German revolutionary Karl Liebknecht, seconds before he was shot down by the firing squad in Berlin in 1919. The values of Burns, which have guided great Scots at home and abroad throughout the centuries, are still celebrated on each St. Andrew’s Day by Scots worldwide. Laced with quotations and anecdotes, Mr. Reid invited the company to honour Auld Scotia but to take the best of the heritage from our forebears to ensure a bright future for the New Scotland.
The speaker received a standing ovation from his enthusiastic audience and was thanked by President Frank Manson.
Contributing to the after dinner entertainment was Mikhail Pavlov, a young student from St. Petersburg, Russia, currently studying music at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire, who delighted the company with songs in English and Russian and whose powerful voice near raised the roof. Other artistes were Bobby Jess with “Tam the Bike” and “My Mither Tongue”, Peter Kormylo with “Scots Wha Hae” in both Scots and Ukrainian and songs from John Caskie and Bill Welsh.
The president invited past President Stewart Tweedie to accept a bottle of malt whisky, specially labelled to mark the 40th year since his presidency in 1971 to which Mr Tweedie replied.
Delegates from Dumfries Burns Club, Alex Hanley and Wilson Ogilvie were welcomed and thanked the club for its hospitality. Mr. Gavin Findlay, president of Dumbarton Burns Club brought fraternal greetings from his members and spoke of the close link between the clubs for many years.
Senior vice president Ian McIntyre proposed a comprehensive vote of thanks at the conclusion of a night to remember.
The accompanist was Willie McRobert.

24/10/2011 – Question Time in the Globe Inn

The club’s “Question Time” night in the Globe Inn on 24th November was a great success when members and friends gathered to throw questions on a vague Burns’ theme at a panel of distinguished Burnsians.
Peter Kormylo was in the chair and refereed the panel which consisted of Les Byers, Jim Scott, Peter Westwood, Betty Haining and John Haining, a past president of the Burns Federation.


The questions ranged from the esoteric to the arcane and included “Could Burns write musical notation” (yes) and “what was the prophecy made to Jean Armour before his death.”
Chairman Peter should be congratulated in steering the panel away from rancour and achieved a good natured and lively session which included many contributions from the floor.
Les Byers won the half time quiz and received a bottle of whisky. Hopefully the Howff Club “Question Time” might become an occasional event.

31/10/2011 – Hallowe’en Supper

Honorary member Professor David Purdie from Edinburgh was principal guest and after dinner, addressed the 2011hallo-2gathering with a richly humorous account of his travels in the promotion of Robert Burns and Scots culture both at home and abroad. Professor Purdie revealed that he is currently compiling an update of the “Burns Encyclopaedia”, originally published by Maurice Lindsay in the 1960’s. During his researches, he discovered a hitherto unknown letter from Robert Burns written at Ellisland accompanying a draft of his poem “On a Wounded Hare”. The speaker received an ovation from the company and accepted a framed print of a watercolour, “The Homecoming, Ellisland” painted by club member John Clark.
Among the guests contributing to a stellar entertainment programme was Cameron Goodall making his first appearance in the Globe Inn with a hilarious recitation of Burns’ “Court of Equity” and later, a spine chilling version of “Death and Dr. Hornbook”. Award winning musicians Andy Kain on the fiddle and Craig Paton, a previous winner of the “Young Burnsian of the Year” prize, on the accordion brought the company to their feet with medleys old and new including a “French Musette”, an innovation for the Globe Inn but which raised the roof. Another honorary member Alex Pool and his son, David, from Langholm made a welcome return with verses from the Border poet, Will Ogilvie and a rousing version of “Jock o’ Hazeldene”. Club members Frank Curran, John Caskie and Les Byers added to the programme with traditional songs, accompanied by Andy Kain and Craig Paton.

President & Guests

Club Librarian Gordon Johnston announced a panel debate in the Globe Inn on 24th November when a team of distinguished Burnsians will take questions on Burns’ related topics from the audience and to which all will be welcome.
President Frank Manson stated that the proceeds of the Hallowe’en Raffle, a record £230.00 would be donated to the Royal National Institute for the Blind and thanked members for their generosity.
Following a Vote of Thanks from junior vice president Dr. Godfrey Bedford, a raucous chorus of “Auld Lang Syne” brought a particularly enjoyable evening to a close.
27/10/2011 – History of the Glasgow Tobacco Barons
Bob Dalziel was guest speaker at the October Club Night gathering in the Globe when President Frank Manson welcomed members and visitors to the clubroom including Mr. Jim Williams from the Lanarkshire Association of Burns Clubs.
NovclubnMr Dalziel from Motherwell, a past president of the Burns Federation, spoke on the “History of the Glasgow Tobacco Barons, a subject dear to his heart judging by his in-depth knowledge of the matter.
Bob led the company on a fascinating journey through the history of Glasgow from its genesis as a village in the time of St. Mungo in the 6thcentury, later to become Patron Saint of the city to the boom times in the 18th century when Glasgow was a major port and the home to numerous wealthy merchants. A principal import was tobacco from the American colonies in Virginia but this lasted only from 1760 until 1775 when the American Revolution put paid to trade for some years. But during that time, the wealth created from tobacco imports was phenomenal and led to the creation of the Merchant City and the magnificent mansions built by the importers. Glasgow’s City Chambers in George Square was originally built as a tobacco warehouse and traces of the storage halls can be seen to this day on ascending the marble staircases.
Mr. Dalziel took a number of questions from his audience before being thanked by Hon. Treasurer David Baird.

Photo: Left to right, President Frank Manson, Jim Williams, Bob Dalziel
19/10/2011 – Official unveiling of the facsimile inscribed pane

Deputising for the Club President, Senior Vice President Ian McIntyre welcomed Peter Westwood, renowned local Burnsian, Matt Sempie of Caladonia Glass, who etched the facsimiles, Moreen McKerrow, owner of the Globe Inn, and a number of club members to the official unveiling of the facsimile inscribed glass in the “Burns bedroom” of the Globe Inn. Later Past President Neil Johnston presented the club with the original framed facsimiles.

The reproduction is produce with the kind permission and assistance of the National Trust for Scotland who allowed the original glass to be photographed and the facsimiles displayed.

2909/2012 – Helen Morrison “Burns & Freemasonry”

President Frank Manson opened the season’s programme of Winter Club Nights on 29thSeptember and welcomed guest speaker Helen Morrison of Airdrie, well known as a Burns scholar and enthusiast.sept11
Mrs. Morrison spoke to a packed house on “Burns and Freemasonry”, tracing the story of the poet’s link with the Craft, the application of its ideals and philosophy which informed his writings over the years. Burns was initiated as an apprentice mason in the United Lodge St. David, Tarbolton, on 4thJuly 1781 and became Depute Master of LodgeSt. James, Tarbolton when the lodges separated in 1782. In Edinburgh, the brethren were a means of enabling Burns to meet people of a higher social status and assisting him from obscurity to the place he deserved. He was hailed as the Bard of Caledonia and honoured as Poet Laureate of Lodge Canongate, Kilwinning. In 1791 when the family moved from Ellisland to Dumfries, he joined Lodge Dumfries, St. Andrew, No 179, now defunct. His patron, and fellow mason, the Earl of Glencairn was able to secure a position in the Excise for Burns. Mrs Morrison stated that Burns had a true appreciation of Masonic Principles and lived up to its ideals. He accepted the basic concepts of a Brotherhood of Man under the Deity whose philosophy held the same humanitarian aims and ideals which permeated the poets work all his life.
The company found the subject fascinating judging by the number of knowledgeable questions which followed and Mrs. Morrison spoke further on her association with the St. Petersburg Forum in Russia which seeks to promote Scottish culture in that country, chiefly by arranging parties of youngsters on exchange visits to promote a knowledge of Scotland and to give concerts. These have become so successful that they have been taken on tour.
Helen was warmly thanked by Hon. Secretary David Smith.

18/09/2011- Bowling with Dumbarton


Dumfries was the venue for the annual tussle on the greens with Dumbarton Burns Club and President Frank Manson welcomed an impressive team of skilled boolers from Dumbarton to Dumfries Bowling Club on 18th September. After a welcome refreshment on arrival, the Sons of the Rock and the Doonhamers were marshalled into teams and play commenced with various degrees of booling skill. The weather allowed uninterrupted bowling and at the end, both teams were declared the winners and the trophies were swappedted80th.
Gavin Finlay, President of Dumbarton Burns Club thanked the Howff for the gentlemanly manner in which the game was played and said that it would be different next year. Members adjourned to the Globe Inn for High Tea during which Howff Club mascot, Ted Murray was presented with a scone and candle and a gift to mark his 80th birthday.
Hopefully the visitors returned home safely as the battery on their luxury minibus was flat and had to be jump started.



More Photographs by Ian McLean (Dumbarton Burns Club)

23/08/2011 St Mungo Trail


President Frank Manson and WRBF President David Baird in the line up at the launch of the “St. Mungo Trail” at Hoddom.
Also in the picture. Left to right; Dr. Laurence Whitley, Glasgow Cathedral; His Grace Archbishop Mario Conti, Archdiocese of Glasgow; Lord Provost of Glasgow

16/08/2011 Library meeting – looking through thr clubs collection

library2011Work underway on a long overdue valuation of the Library stock. William Robson, well known antiquarian book enthusiast has agreed to carry out a survey of the club library for insurance purposes.
Photo shows, William seated and Gordon Johnston, Hon. Librarian. William has a family connection with the club. He and past president David Miller share a grandfather, David Miller senior, who was honorary secretary from 1953 to 1972

30/07/2011 – Doon the Watter


A glorious sunny morning on 30th July saw 21 members, friends and spouses make their way to Pacific Quay in Glasgow to board the PS Waverley for a trip up the Clyde or doon the watter for the club’s annual outing. 16 travelled in luxury minibus but President Frank Manson and a VIP party made their way in an equally luxury Porsche.
The vessel set sail at 10.15am for a cruise to Greenock, Kilcreggan, Dunoon and Rothesay on the Isles of Bute, passing Dumbarton Rock before fetching up at Tignabruich for an hour on shore where members repaired to a nearby hotel for some soft drinks. Although the Waverley was perhaps a tad overcrowded, spirits were high and the scenery and river traffic was fascinating. A lively band was in action below in the Bar where a Toga Party, got up in , well, toga’s disported themselves to the bemusement of other passengers. Many on board made full use of the bar facilities and much raucous laughter and clinking of glasses was heard but not from club members. Strathclyde Polis was on hand to welcome the Waverley back home.
An excellent day with superb company and the inevitable aftermath of badly burnt physogs made for a day to remember.


14/07/2011 – Club Treasure Hunt

24 members and friends scuttled round the town centre pubs in search of clues of a non cryptic nature at the club’s annual Treasure Hunt on 14th July.
To the dismay of the team who compiled the route sheets on 30th June, some of the clues had disappeared by the time members descended into various pubs which added to the usual confusion.
Most teams made it back to the Globe for 9.30pm in different stages of intoxication and sat down to pies, sausage rolls and mushy peas. After some argument amongst the judges whose decision was final, Ted Murray’s team whose moniker was “Teds aging Boys” was declared the winner and accepted their prize of a bottle of plonk each from President Frank Manson.”


Photo, left to right, Selwyn Austin, John Clark, Ted Murray, Frank Manson, David Baird representing the scrutineers.

10/07/2011 – Wauchope Cairn – Hawick
Members and friends at the cairn marking the site of the house on Mrs. Elizabeth Scott, the “Guidwife of Wauchope”, Burns’ friend and correspondent. An oration was delivered by David Baird as president of the WRBF. Later, a social hour was spent at Hawick Burns Club


Photo from the Wauchope Cairn Ceremony, Hawick
04/07/2001 – Jean Armour Dinner


Members and friends of Dumfries Burns Howff Club gathered on July 4th at the statue to “Bonny Jean” for the annual ceremony to pay tribute to the wife of Scotland’s National Bard.
President Frank Manson welcomed the company and placed a floral spray on the plinth. David Baird, President of the World Robert Burns Federation, delivered a eulogy to Jean Armour and club piper, Callum Watson played a stirring medley.
Later in the Globe Inn, President Frank chaired the 7th Jean Armour Dinner took place followed by a toast to “Jean Armour” from Mrs. Josephine Neal of Dumfries, in which she related an imaginary encounter between Robert Burns and “Auld Nick”, all delivered in the “Guid Scots Tongue”. Kevin Thompson from Fife appeared as Burns and took the company on a musical journey among the other women in Burns’ life from Mrs. Dunlop, of Dunlop to Nancy McIlhose of Edinburgh in whose honour the Bard wrote “Ae Fond Kiss”, one of the most famous love songs in history.jad12b
Contributing to a stellar entertainment programme was Leona Evans, “Young Burnsian of the Year” for 2011, who captivated her audience with her version of “Fair Helen of Kirkconnel Lea” and later with “Auld Lang Syne” in its original setting.
Avril Kerr delighted the company with her own recitations and club members Bill Welsh, Frank Curran and John Caskie sustained the programme with favourites, old and new.
Delegates from the Ladies Burns Clubs at Dumfries and Annan were introduced and expressed good wishes from their members.
Junior Vice President Godfrey Bedford proposed a comprehensive vote of thanks and the evening wound up with a lively “Auld Lang Syne”.
The accompanist was Willie McRobert.

02/07/2011 – Covington Mains

President Frank Manson represents the club at the annual ceremony at Thankerton, Lanarkshire, marking the spot where Burns stayed overnight on his journey from Mauchline to Edinburgh to arrange the printing of his Edinburgh Edition in 1786″ Also in the picture is David Baird, Jane Brown and assorted Burnsians

08/05/2011 – Coldstream Bridge

DSC_4645 (3)

Damp weather did not depress the delegation from the club who attended the annual gathering on Sunday 8th May. Arriving in good time, members assembled in the British Legion before forming up with other Burnsians and processing to the bridge led by the piper.
The president of Coldstream Burns club recited a verse and placed a wreath followed by Ian McIntyre deputising for Frank Manson Later, at Craw Green where the sun came out, the company heard addresses from John Elliot, secretary and the honorary president of Coldstream Burns Club before enjoying a dram.
Afterwards, an excellent buffet was served followed by a social hour.
The warmth of the welcome from members of Coldstream Burns Club and other clubs in the Borders indicates how much our annual visit is appreciated.
The club was represented by Ian McIntyre, Gordon Johnston, John Lauder and David Smith as designated driver.

19/05/2011 – Club Bowling Night

Council cut backs meant that the Dock Park Rink is now closed on week days but they kindly opened for the club’s annual frolic on 19th May.

A good turnout of members and friends was marshalled by Bob Wilson in to teams of two and bowling commenced with gusto.
Although the green was hilly, there was a merciful absence of midges and fertiliser this year and some incredible bowling skill was displayed.
To the astonishment of some, Ian McIntyre and David Smith were declared winners. Bob Wilson declined to explain his scoring method and stated that his decision was final.
At the prize giving ceremony at the Globe, Ian graciously accepted the highly coveted Draffan Cup from president Frank Manson. Sandwiches were served but it seemed that Coronation Chicken was not to everyone’s taste.