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Presidents Blog August Update 2

September is the month Scotland vote either ‘aye or nae!’ to independence. I’ve a feeling the vote will be a lot closer than people think. How would Robert Burns have voted if he were alive today? Perhaps the lyrics of Scots Wha Hae might answer that or maybe Burns’ view would have changed with the centuries. Politics in Burns’ day was very different to the political freedoms we enjoy today. In Burns’ day the right to vote was granted only to the privileged, with women completely ignored! Would a 21st Century Burns have embraced the Union or been a champion of independence? Would he have entered into politics and stood as an MSP??? He would certainly have made a charismatic politician with his charm, sharp wit and social conscience. It could be argued the presence of Robert Burns in any 21st century political party would be a vote clincher. I’ve a feeling he would have penned a suitable and damning poem on recent expenses and banking scandals. Would you vote for Robert Burns…………….. damn right!!

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The Draffan Cup 19th August
Scotland has been in the press lately for many great sporting events. Commonwealth games, the coming Ryder Cup to name but two. Aft overlooked and older than both of these events the Draffan Cup is competed for every year by Howff Club members and guests in a prestigious green bowling competition held in Dumfries. No great skill is demanded from participants in fact it is commonly thought the less skill you have the better chance you have of winning. It is thought bad luck to clean the cup and so it passes year in year out to the winners in a state of wanton neglect. Although it is dull and morbidly grey to look at, it does bring a smile to all those who compete for it. So it was, that 20 hardy souls took to the greens at Newall Terrace in Dumfries for the annual competition. In a closely fought competition where the occasional stray bool headed for the wrong jack ( apologies to those serious bowlers out there) a tense final was played out as the sun set low in the West, between none other than David Smith (the silver fox) Frank Manson and the eventual winners Gavin Finley (Dumbarton) and Gordon McKerrow. Thanks to Kenny Crookshanks for hosting the event and keeping us suitably refreshed at the bar!!

Disaster was averted by the wily D Smith when at the prize giving (held at the Globe Inn) the Draffan cup could not be found! A suitable replacement was procured by David and was presented. Even though the substitute cup came in two distinct broken pieces it was gratefully accepted by the jubilant winners until the priceless Draffan was eventually located! G Templeton offered to glue the broken cup and this was unanimously accepted. The evening was a resounding success with a tasty supper of pies and peas provided by Ma Broon! (Yum!) By chance the evening coincided with the 70th birthday of our Hon Sec. David Smith who was presented with a cake, a fine bottle of Malt Whiskey and a card. Lang may yer Lum Reek David!!


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