Barry Graham Lecture -23rd Oct 2014- President’s Notes

Barry Graham – Winter Lecture – President’s Comments 23rd October 2014
Maintaining the club’s high standard of guest speakers, Dumfries businessman, Barry Graham kept members captivated by giving his audience a colourful glimpse of South African life in the former British Colony of Rhodesia. Growing up in Salisbury, the capital city of Rhodesia, he described an idyllic life of privilege funded by successful (property developer) parents. He also painted a darker side of growing up in the state (now Zimbabwe) as a result of apartheid.
The club has seen many talented musicians over the years but this was the first occasion the sound of African drums and tribal folksong reverberated through the clubroom! Barry an accomplished flautist, drummer and singer kept us entertained with fascinating accounts of life in the capital city and occasional moments of madness with tales of village Shamans and African superstitions! His love of South Africa was clear by the enthusiasm in the delivery of his music and song. His love of the Dumfries area was also evident as he asked if he could be adopted as a Doonhamer! He was given a unanimous thumbs up on the understanding he became a Q.O.S supporter!!
The talk was thoroughly enjoyable and I have no doubt that Barry will remain high on the list of Howff Club preferred speakers. I must remember also if ever I am in South Africa, never to remove stones from under anyone’s bed!!!! ……………..

John Clark