Blog Update March 2015

Perform in Dumfries Report for web
Perform In Dumfries – Recitation in Scots Verse Competition was held in the Academy on 7th March 2015.

As the Howff club are one of the sponsors for ‘Perform in Dumfries’, David Smith and I were asked to present prizes of a trophy and a fine hard back copy of Burns’ Kilmarnock Edition. The howff club actually sponsored the winners of the P6-P7 age group and I was delighted to present the winner’s prize to a young gentleman called Euan Paterson from Sanquhar who delighted us with a very animated version of ‘A lament for a lost dinner ticket’.

I must say it was nice to present a prize that, didn’t require a password, didn’t require the purchase of an extended warranty agreement, was sensibly priced and came with a lifetime guarantee!

All the kids that performed were most entertaining and importantly seemed to enjoy what they were doing! A very pleasant morning!

John Clark