Ellisland Soiree Feb 2015 Presentation to Les Byers

Les Byers receives a portrait from President John Clark

On Saturday 28th Feb 2015 a fine body of men gathered to pay homage to one of the Burns Howff Club’s most popular members. It was remarked that Les was well kent as a ‘Global entertainer of some distinction ‘ Les was presented with an original drawing, mug and fine bottle of Malt whisky in appreciation of all the work he has done over the years for the club and in respect of his pending retirement from Ellisland Farm. A tasty supper of soup was followed by Haggis/Chicken pie ceremoniously piped in with due aplomb by Calum Watson and addressed with a special poem created for the evening. Mushy peas were added and a sumptuous cheese board was washed down with copious amounts of wine and whisky which kick started the singing. Fine accordion playing and piping was provided by Lee McQueen and Calum McQueen. Recitations were given by Gordon Johnston and singing was provided by Les, David Miller, Colin Gibson, Danny Cook and myself. A most ambient evening was enjoyed by all present and compliments must go to the hosts Les and May for providing such a tasty supper. Jokes were provided by Bert Hastings, Calum and David Smith (the famous Lions joke)!!
A braw night in good company.Best wishes to Les who still has quite a few miles left in the tank yet!!

Tae a ‘Haggis’ Pie
Now some wad boast o high cuisine
pheasant , quail wi whisky cream
I hear them sigh
let’s no forget the pleasures guid
and virtues o that simple feed
the haggis pie.

Wee crusty Haggis Pie
I look at you and fondly sigh
when I’ve been hunger’d.
Hoo many times ye’ve got me by
when I’ve been
weel an truly scunnered.

Hoo clever is that tasty crust?
frae pastry lid, it upwards thrusts
tae tempt an tease-
leavin a receptacle , purpose built
tae harness delicacies, such as pickles
chips,(wae HP sauce) and mushy peas!

There was a time, some smugly state
ye wer’nae worthy o’ a plate
It’s sad but true- Some toffs remark
that such a piece o meat
A mongrel dog wad loathe tae eat
In fact its presence
wad barely make it in a stew.

But frae Scotia’s deepest past
when hunger pangs, lang months wad last
an’ death, frae malnutrition loomed
necessity decreed that each wee scrap o meat
ere cut frae hoof, or tap o heid
wad be consumed.

An’ frae the darkness o depression
‘necessity’, the mother o’ invention did quietly form
an’ so it was, through process of progression
and sadly, centuries o’ indigestion
the simple haggis pie……..was born!

An tho’ its simple ‘saunsy’ face
on royal tables rarely grace
it’s nae surprise, tae be informed……………..
thanks tae Kerr Little’s skilful hands
this simple pie, wi chicken twists
and floury wrists
has been transformed!!!

So thanks must go tae Les and May
for their hospitality
so cronies, rise!
and raise oor glasses in a toast
tae sing the praises of oor hosts
in paying homage tae the haggis……
King O’ Mealy Pies!!

John Clark